About Us

About Buzz FM

BUZZ FM is a private FM radio station in Pakistan. It broadcasts at six metro stations i.e., Karachi 99, Lahore 99.4, Islamabad 97, Hyderabad 99.4, Sahiwal 96 & Sargodha 96. It has thematic playlists comprising of 70% English and 30% Pakistani music round the clock.

BUZZ FM, has evolved with the changing times. With the new positioning, BUZZ FM will play a meaningful, relevant and compelling role in lives of consumers. It will not just be about entertainment but a brand that has a purpose. With its extensive reach, localized content and credible RJs the brand will play the role of a ‘thought inspirer’ and an agent of positive change in society.
The new tag line of ‘BUZZ FM Absolute Radio’ reflects the philosophy that ‘Changing the world for the better starts with changing your thoughts’. Realigning the programming to reflect the new positioning,
BUZZ FM now has a refreshing new sound playing your favorite music tested with the audience besides bringing on board some big names from the Radio and entertainment spaces across all key markets.
The network’s occasion and content-based programming, CSR Activities and client integrated campaigns strongly reflects its Absolute Radio ethos.
With its retro positioning being a resounding success, the radio station commands a position of leadership in key metros in various parameters like reach, market share and time spent listening. The station also enjoys leadership in mojor cities which has enabled it to be the most sought after radio network across the country in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Sahiwal and Sargodha.

Our Mission Statement

“Through radio excellence Buzz FM wants to create a unique community resource, one that promotes connections and fosters a sense of belonging. It wants to maintain a local focus for sharing music, arts, culture, news and opinions.”.